Hemorrhoids, often referred to as piles, look on account of swollen veins in and across the anus and rectum. All cases of hemorrhoids that exhibit bleeding as a symptom should be looked into by a doctor. Witch hazel, an astringent, can be utilized to scale back hemorrhoid bleeding, relieve pain, reduce itching and swelling. Bioflavonoids are derived from natural plant sources and function to reduce the inflammation of the hemorrhoid. There are at the same time alternative medicinal treatments to be had for hemorrhoid remedies. Most hemorrhoid treatments are of the over-the-counter range. During the procedure, the physician will location two little rubber bands across the base of the hemorrhoid. Rubber band ligation is an in place of job procedure completed by the doctor. These consist of fiber, bioflavonoids, and witch hazel. The hemorrhoid shall be devoid of blood and will in the end fall off. This chemical forces the constriction of blood vessels feeding the hemorrhoid. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical across the hemorrhoid. This hemorrhoid treatment factors the hemorrhoid to shrink - hemoroidy.